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Will Nawn

Lesson 1 – 12/5/2021

Video Analysis Tips

  • Start and Stop video playback by clicking the mouse within the player window.
  • Watch videos in fullscreen by hovering the cursor over the video and selecting the fullscreen icon at the bottom right edge of the player menu.
  • Download video by selecting the download button below the player window.
  • Playback at 1/3 speed is provided for most videos to assist video analysis.

Areas of concern

At the end of the slide, the slide foot is too far away from the fowl line.

Too much ball loft on conditions that do not require it limits the ability to add loft as an adjustment for drier lane conditions.

Hand is on top of ball at release point.

Slide foot stops prematurely causing slide leg to extend and ball to be released in front of slide foot.

Areas of concern

Ball-side hand comes inside the ball and wrist opens at the top of the backswing which results in a weak wrist position at release.

Areas of concern

During the push off the ball moves too far to the right which causes the ball to travel behind the back and inside the position of the head at the top of the backswing.

Hand is not on top of the ball at the top of the backswing.


Areas of concern

The first step drifts to the right which is likely done as a compensation for not performing a cross-over step in the second step.

The second step in a 5-step approach should be a cross over step where the ball-side foot is placed directly in front of the non-ball side foot to clear a path for the ball.

The miss-directed push off causes a swing path that moves the ball away from and to the left of the slide foot during the release.



Suggestions for Improvement:


Bend slide leg knee more to get body lower in the slide step (without increasing forward spine tilt).  Allow the slide to come to completion before releasing the ball.

Once the length of the slide is established, adjust the distance between the setup position and fowl line so the ball-side foot will be close to the fowl line at the end of the slide.

Position the first step straight down the lane (do not drift right).

Position the second step directly in front of the first step (i.e. use a cross-over step).

Keep your ball-side hand underneath of the ball in the setup, throughout the push off, and at the start of the back swing.  Doing so will place your hand above the ball at the top of the backswing and directly behind the ball during the forward swing and at release.

Push off the ball straight in the direction of your mark.  Do not roll the ball off your hand as this causes a miss direction of the swing path.

Correcting your swing path and getting your hand behind the ball at release will make it easier to generate power and revs without sacrificing accuracy.