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CoachingCams is the brain child of John J. Rux, Ph.D.  John is an avid bowler, a Pa State USBC board member, and a USBC certified Silver Level Coach.

    The USBC Bronze certification course taught by Ron Hatfield (RKH Coaching) emphasizes the value of video as a training tool. Coaches learn to review video recordings of the shots that go well and those that don’t to help bowlers improve their game.

      While trying to improve his own game, John recognized the need for a portable camera system able to:

        • record videos from multiple orientations simultaneously
        • play-back synchronized videos side-by-side
        • allow pause, zoom, and slow-motion playback

        The goal is to see everything from the bowler’s setup, approach, delivery, and the resulting ball reaction as it travels down the lane.

          Subsequent image analysis can quantify and diagram each shot. Bowlers can try out various coaching suggestions and see how the results change. Players and coaches can monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

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