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John Rux

Lesson 1 – 7/1/2019

Video Analysis Tips

  • Start and Stop video playback by clicking the mouse within the player window.
  • Watch videos in fullscreen by hovering the cursor over the video and selecting the fullscreen icon at the bottom right edge of the player menu.
  • Download video by selecting the download button below the player window.
  • Playback at 1/3 speed is provided for most videos to assist video analysis.

Areas of concern

The ball is delivered before the slide foot comes to a complete stop.

The ball is behind the slide foot at the time of release.

At the end of the slide, the slide foot is too far away from the fowl line.

Areas of concern

During the follow through the arm path is across the body to compensate for a loss of balance in the finish position.

The position of the balance arm is too low at the finish.


Areas of concern

Ball-side foot is too far to the left in the final step.  It should be directly in front of the non-ball side foot.

Head position is slightly left of shoulder and ball at release point.


The first step in the 4-step approach should be a cross over step where the ball-side foot is placed directly in front of the non-ball side foot to clear a path for the ball.

Suggestions for Improvement:


Move setup position closer to the fowl line so ball-side foot will be closer to the fowl line at the end of the slide.

Use a cross-over step in first step of approach to clear a path for the ball.

Delay push off of the ball until second step to allow allow the ball to be released after the slide foot has come to a complete stop.

Add forward spine tilt in your setup position to place your head directly over your shoulder and ball.  Maintain this posture through out delivery so your head positioned on your swing plane which can improve targeting.  The added spine tilt will also move your head, shoulder, and ball forward so they are aligned with your ball-side foot at the release point. 

Let the ball fall freely from the top of the backswing to maintain a planar swing path.

Place your slide foot directly in front of your non-ball-side foot during the last step.  This will shift your weight to the right which will improve your balance and help to postion the ball closer to your slide foot at the release point.