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Moira Hurst

Lesson 1 – 12/5/2021

Video Analysis Tips

  • Start and Stop video playback by clicking the mouse within the player window.
  • Watch videos in fullscreen by hovering the cursor over the video and selecting the fullscreen icon at the bottom right edge of the player menu.
  • Download video by selecting the download button below the player window.
  • Playback at 1/3 speed is provided for most videos to assist video analysis.

Areas of concern

In the initial setup position the ball is held high and close to the shoulder.  As a result the ball hand is supporting the ball using an open (weak) wrist position.

At the end of the push off the ball hand is behind the ball instead of underneath the ball.

The weak wrist position of the ball hand is maintained throughout the swing and as a result the hand is on top of the ball at the point of release. 

Areas of concern

The rotation on the ball is mostly from right to left and partly back to front.  The right to left rotation is in line with the desire to make the ball hook, but there is insufficient rev rate to get the ball to curve.  The back-to-front component of the rotation is opposite to the direction of travel which only slows the ball speed.  The position of the ball hand at the release point is causing the ball to travel in a straight line path while the desired goal is to make the ball path curve from right to left.

Areas of concern

During the downswing the ball hand is rotated to the outside of the ball instead of staying directly underneath the ball.  As a result, the ball travels inside the position of the head at the top of the back swing and tilts the swing plane slightly off the vertical axis.


The direction of the steps is somewhat inconsistant.  The orientation of the slide-foot in the final step is more inline with the intended direction of the ball path than inline with the direction of the lane.

The ball hits the 3-pin because the ball traveled in a strait line parallel with the lane with no curve or identifiable break point.

Suggestions for Improvement:


Transition ball hand wrist position from an open (weak) position in initial setup to a neutral or closed (strong) position as the ball is pushed off.  By the time the ball is at the bottom of the forward swing the ball hand should be directly behind the ball mimicing the position it should be in at delivery.  On the top of the backswing the ball hand will now be on top of the ball.

Try a wrist support device that holds the wrist in a neutral position.  It will take more grip pressure to hold the ball with the hand behind the ball during the release.  If the grip is not strong enough to hold the ball during full speed release, try a one-step drill to see whether grip is strong enough to hold ball with a slower arm swing.  If the grip is not strong enough for one-step release, try using a lighter ball until grip can be strengthened.

Alternatively, try holding ball at waist level in stance to generate neutral wrist position and slow down arm swing speed enough to maintain sufficient grip on ball to release the ball with the hand behind the ball.  As the swing speed is reduced, the push off may need to start sooner so the ball wil be in position to be released at the end of the slide.